Our fruit&veg smoothies are packed with super natural goodness

Fruit&Vegetable Smoothies

Do your kids eat enough vegetables? a call for spinach smoothies might not get your little ones galloping to the kitchen, but with a few fun and fruity twists healthy, vegetable-based smoothies will become an enjoyable – and delicious – part of your day’

The secret to great veggie smoothies is balance — sweet, somewhat mild vegetables like carrots, cucumber, or spinach are balanced by a range of fruits like bananas, pears, and oranges. For both of these veggie wonders, there is texture and sweetness to achieve a balanced, absolutely kid-friendly sip.

Happy Monkey Fruit & Vegetable Smoothies are the perfect way for children to get one of their 5 a day.

Sold in packs of four they’re designed to fit snugly inside your child’s school lunchbox and be taken on days out.

Suitable for vegetarians

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