Happy Monkey have won a Bizziebaby Gold Award!

That’s right, the very good people at Bizziebaby whisked off our drinks, gave them a thorough testing on family members, friends and random pets before deciding that our smoothies are really bloomin’ good and deserving of a score of 5 out of 5! Which in turn means we won a Bizziebaby Gold Award! Read what […]

The best shortest video review…ever!

The wonderful Yet Another Blogging Mummy reviewed our drinks recently, which you can read here It also includes a 22-second YouTube review by two very knowledgeable young men that brings a smile to our face each time we see it

Happy Monkey TV Ad

Throughout the whole of January you can see our fantabulous TV advert on the likes of Cartoon Network and Boomerang. Or you could just watch it right here. Over and over and over again.

Things we did last summer

It seems a long time ago now but it was a hectic summer for us here at Happy Monkey. There were lots of exciting new changes to the brand - super new look to the website, awesome new design and cartons for our Milkshakes, publicity shots and a fabulous TV commercial - as well as [...]

Happy Monkey have made it on to the TV!

Happy Monkey TV ad You know you’ve arrived when you make it on to the Gogglebox. That’s what our Great Uncle Monkey Maximilian used to say when we were just a baby, although to be fair he was suffering from dementia at the time and spent most of his days chatting to the trees about […]

Hello, and welcome to our blog!

That’s right, Happy Monkey have finally entered the blogosphere. From now on this will be the place where we tell you, our loyal fans, all about what’s going on in Happy Monkey world. We’ll keep you informed of our latest news, recent developments and future plans while bringing to your attention details of competitions and […]